Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Strong Vault Removal Guide: How to Remove Strong Vault Backup

What is Strong Vault? How do I disable this popup malware? 


Strong Vault backup earns fake application and causes system error when you are trying to load computer appropriately. It would cause running traffic and installs itself to protect from running your printer, antivirus and internet browsing. It just pops up and redirects all your online searches to the random paid ads times. It seems that there is no uninstall solution undertaking to get rid of this fake distribution because scanning with AVG, Marewarebyte or MSE antivirus with finding no threats. However, nothing can stop its maliciousness pop-up window and it really cause malfunction of normally using computer.  

Strong Vault appears itself to be a backup software and force users to download unserviceable computer equipments, such as free software, games plug-ins and automatic adobe flash update helper. From Tee Support Lab, we have found that that Strong Vault a is a fake program that trigger tough modification on compromised system, like new system default configuration and BOSD setting, which would lead to improper performance of system operation. There have been countless computer users complaining that internet connection has been strongly mussed because of Strong Vault and you should not be the one facing such error massages. As we mentioned before, Strong Vault is a malware program and passes with installing other free software and malicious anti-spyware. Users should be strongly informed that protect privacy from attack of this parasite.

Uninstalling Strong Vault needs manual solution and the following removal guide will help you out immediately. However, computer condition can be different due to the fact that it varies its location time by time. You can conduct 24/7 Online Experts for detailed massage if you fail with this uninstall guide.

Get Rid of Strong Vault Backup Parasite by Yourself 


STEP 1: Stop Strong Vault process from Task Manager 
 Strong Vault.dat

STEP2: Delete all Strong Vault injected files
%CommonAppData%\pcdfdata\ Strong Vault \defs.bin

Step3: Erash all Strong Vault Registries 

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